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For information on the latest releases of SplashID Safe, our flagship password manager product, please visit the SplashID web site.
01/20/2015 "123456" Maintains the Top Spot on our Annual "Worst Passwords" List
07/23/2014 SplashID Safe Teams Edition Updated to Give Businesses More Options for Securing Passwords
05/19/2014 SplashID Safe now offers even more ways to keep passwords secure
01/20/2014 "Password" unseated by "123456" on SplashData's annual "Worst Passwords" list
08/06/2013 SplashID Safe Version 7 Launched
10/23/2012 Worst Passwords of 2012 — and How to Fix Them
07/22/2012 SplashID Safe Now Available for Windows® Phone Devices – Users Can Effectively Manage Passwords from Multiple Platforms
11/21/2011 When "Most Popular" Isn't A Good Thing: Worst Passwords of the Year – And How to Fix Them
09/07/2011 SplashID Enterprise 2.0 Launches With New Mobile and Web Access, Plus Active Directory Integration
05/18/2011 New SplashID Safe Delivers Advanced Protection for Passwords & Identity Information on Smartphones, Tablets & Computers
06/22/2010 Agendus for iPhone Now Makes it Easier to Organize Life
06/15/2010 SplashID Brings Stronger Password Security to Android Smartphones, Plus Mac and Windows Desktops
04/28/2010 SplashID for iPad Provides Most Secure Access to Passwords, PINs, Logins and Account Numbers
04/20/2010 New Version of SplashID for iPhone Introduces Finger Pattern Login, Expanded Icon Sets, Localized Languages, and More
01/07/2010 SplashData Acquires Iambic, Bringing Together Two Leading Mobile App Developers
04/21/2009 SplashData Launches SplashPhoto and SplashNotes on Apple App Store
10/28/2008 SplashID™ for iPhone and iPod® touch Gets Major Update
07/10/2008 SplashData Announces SplashID, SplashShopper and SplashMoney for Apple App Store Launch
04/22/2008 Manage Money and Secure Passwords on Both Mobiles and Macs with New Versions of SplashMoney and SplashID
03/10/2008 SplashData Launches SplashMoney for Windows Mobile
11/28/2007 SplashData Announces All New SplashID 4 for Windows Mobile and BlackBerry
07/10/2007 SplashData Announces All New SplashID 4 for Palm Handhelds and Treos

SplashData Introduces SplashTravel Professional Edition with Real-time Flight, Weather, and Currency Data

03/13/2007 New SplashNotes from SplashData Aims to Organize Your Thoughts
12/04/2006 SplashData Announces SplashShopper and SplashWallet for Windows Mobile
10/26/2006 SplashPhoto lets BlackBerry Users Strike a Pose
08/30/2006 SplashData Enables PC and Mac Users to Manage Passwords with New SplashID Desktop Edition
08/21/2006 SplashData Announces Enterprise and Government Edition of SplashID
08/16/2006 SplashData Brings its Popular SplashID Application to BlackBerry Users
07/10/2006 SplashData Introduces SplashTravel: a Travel Tool Box in Your Pocket
05/22/2006 SplashData’s SplashWallet Ready for Treo 700p Smartphone
04/17/2006 SplashData Updates SplashID and SplashPhoto for Windows Mobile 5.0
03/16/2006 SplashData Names Morgan Slain As New CEO
09/27/2005 SplashBlog comes to Windows Mobile, Symbian and Palm OS Smartphones
06/02/2005 SplashBlog Honored with Powered Up Award as Best Multimedia Solution
05/24/2005 SplashBlog Enables Families & Friends to Post Photos to a Shared Blog
03/01/2005 SplashData Launches SplashMoney 4.0 for Palm OS devices
02/14/2005 SplashData Introduces SplashBlog, “Photo Blogging” Solution for Palm OS
12/15/2004 Free Updates of SplashID and SplashPhoto for Mobile Devices Announced
09/28/2004 SplashWallet for Palm OS Localized for French, German, Italian and Spanish
06/22/2004 SplashData Launches SplashID 3 for all leading PDAs and Smartphones
03/31/2004 SplashData Launches SplashID 3.0 for Palm OS Mac Version
03/23/2004 SplashData Announces SplashID 3.0 for Windows Mobile Platform
03/22/2004 SplashData Announces SplashID 3.0 for UIQ & Series 60 Smartphones
03/02/2004 SplashData Releases SplashID 3.0 for Palm OS Handhelds

SplashData Joins Strategic Microsoft Alliance

12/01/ 2003 SplashData Launches SplashPhoto 4.0 for Smartphones
10/14/2003 SplashData Launches SplashPhoto 4.0 for Mac OS X
10/02/2003 SplashData’s SplashPhoto 4.0 Now Available for Sony Ericsson P800/P900 Smartphones and Pocket PC PDAs
08/06/2003 SplashData’s SplashPhoto 4.0 for Palm OS Now Available
05/27/2003 SplashData Launches SplashPhoto for Windows Powered Pocket PC
11/07/2002 SplashData Announces SplashClock 1.0 for Palm OS
10/29/2002 SplashData Announces SplashPhoto 3.5 for Palm OS
08/28/2002 SplashData Announces SplashPhoto 3.0 for Palm OS
06/11/2002 SplashData Announces SplashShopper 2.1 for Palm OS
02/22/2002 SplashData Announces SplashShopper for Palm OS
11/14/2001 SplashData Announces SplashID 2.0 for Palm OS
08/10/2001 SplashData Announces SplashID for Palm OS
04/30/2001 SplashData Announces SplashMoney for Palm OS
03/02/2001 SplashData Ships SplashPhoto for Palm OS

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SplashData has been a leading provider of security applications and services for over 10 years. The company's secure password and record management solution SplashID Safe has over 1 million individual users worldwide as well as hundreds of business and enterprise clients. SplashData was founded in 2000 and is based in Los Gatos, CA.

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